Feeling Nostalgic

by FasterForward

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schneegs Damn. Just like their first outing, this album hits right into the nostalgia (hence the album name I assume). If you existed like 20 years ago, you`d have been on every playlist we ever created when hitting town. Amazing. Hopefully there`ll be way more albums coming down the line. You`ve got a fan for life! Favorite track: Fitting in the Outburst.
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Poison 02:28
Their words are poison Infecting your reason Shifting your own ideals Down the drain more money in their pockets Don't drink their poison Resist temptation See it with your own eyes The poison you drink until you die! The paper has come; it's knocking at your door Big bold letters show the world is breaking down A quick reminder that things are getting worse *Another tragedy for breakfast *Another drama in a similar verse The weak and the poor are blind to what's out there They've been misguided and massively betrayed The evil owns the media so that it can divert And all it is is one big lie Billboards and news channels; their modern bibles The breaking news is nothing new no one is making through A constant recall, repeating everything A constant recall, repeating everything
Trapped up the tip of the tallest mount Where the air is hard to breathe Left for dead in the cold Deep in the darkness of the darkest cave When the only option's to be brave Or waiting to be saved...? Distance and time don't matter We have built this bond so strong A few fingers of true friends Counted on a single hand Distance and time don't count I heard the call I'm on my way On a run to sort it out I know you would have done the same Distance and time don't mean shit We have long tighten the grip Mutual loyalty breeds our creed In which we all believe We went through all four seasons We have seen catastrophes You know we vowed devotion One for one forever more
Inner Void 02:57
Like cruel ink writing words of hate Like a deep paper cut from the same sheet Bound by the blood Chained with anger Or rather remorse? Or is it self-loathing? I made amends so insignificant Pulling out the essence from the core The inner void swallowed the two of us Marked by a cruel ink in the wound So salty! So non-alcoholic! Is it so hard to admit? Forgiveness is a 2-way process This cruel ink; its potent solvent kills I've been proven un-proof, porousness positive Bound by the thought Bitter sour souvenir Recalling in playback Talking out of tact
Don't you dare to say there is no other way I've got the feeling that you ought to break Just dare and stare out of the mainframe You got to think for every day Cannot cannot cannot see your view It's up to you to create something new Cause if it's a fight this might just be the one You got to fight for one more day Cause this is all the same And it's a shame This might be the fight coming up for you You gotta set the rules Your brain is the tool This might be the fight coming up for you You got the time to think about a way To get yourself out and far from the frame Go on and try your luck on me! There's nothing left for you to do You've got to reject this one last thought Don't go and think that there is nothing new Struggle for normalcy upside down You got to find another way
I Still Care 03:35
There is a starting point to everything A journey tossed as history It never sets forth fate nor destiny Time fluctuates and minds are aging An opening for maturity One must seize the chance and cleanse insights Where will we go from here? Is this an endless circle? How long it’s going to take Before we make it right? Now tell me if you care Do you still believe? Now tell me if you fake Tell me if you Here hope still fades On a descending grade When no one cares But I still have faith in you Minding one’s own On a pursuit alone It shall lead to lost Care is not beyond repair, I still trust Some are so skilled Faking they own the facts Like sleights of hand But this trick won’t work on me Most are abused Straightforwardly confused Like they can’t see straight But this trend is frail on me, I still care
Standing Still; I can’t feel a thing! I know my goal; my values I know my role; my virtues Standing Still; I can't feel a thing! Figuring the outcome first Fitting in the outburst To win! The contest falls All answers are false Questions are deceptive But I know where to run Back to where it all began Hit rewind; Hit rewind Push one button at a time A single change of choice Fine-tuning my voice Stop a short while for a thought Before I go Forward! Standing Still; I can’t feel a thing! I draw fuel out of my rage I’m preventing any outage Standing Still; I can't feel a thing! Figuring the outcome first Fitting in the outburst To make Science wrong Defying the expected Proving it delusion But I know where to look It’s not printed in a book Hit rewind; Hit rewind Got to open up my mind I'm about to make it fast Operating at full blast Figuring the outcome first Fitting in the outburst Standing Still; I can’t feel a thing! I cannot stop the motion The button has been broken Standing Still; This is no way to win! Figuring the outcome first Fitting in the outburst Hit Play!
Life goes fast they say so do I Life won't wait it won't be a waste There's still fuel to be filled in the tank Still great moments left in bank Please my hunger, my apetite I know that there's more to life Can't expect less than living it fast And I just want it to last I won't be the next to leave Still too many people to meet I'll go and cross the border As my apetizer I'll fly above the waters As the main dish, yessir I won't overlook my neighbor Yeah we will share dessert And I'll stop by your place for sure You're family! Time flies by get your head up high Don't you wait mate don't start late There're still spots to be filled in the rank Make your place show the world your face Cause just like me, I know you see Energy within a synergy Now we starve for a sweeter taste For more fuel to win the race
I never took the time, never reviewed the past I never lose a friend, I’m tired of wearing the mask I grant you forgiveness, it seems you can’t care less And then you look the other way, apology delayed The wound is deep, amity rots Your words didn’t turn in what you sought The pain is gone; the scar is there (Sorry, Sorry!) Admit your fault; it’s time to grow (Sorry, Sorry!) It’s not that hard; don’t disregard (Say Sorry, Say Sorry!) Defeat your shame; I’m not to blame (Say Sorry, Say Sorry!) Let’s turn the page and leave it all behind I’ve been iron branded, non-anonymously The unmasked executioner is still roaming free There is no seed of remorse or inner self disgrace! And then you still deny, don’t expect me to forget! Do you still care? The charge is weighty, yeah the burden is worse The hope I carry, so do you with remorse The faith I embrace, conflicts with your disgrace Your unwillingness forever scarred my face Maybe deep inside you still care!
Once upon a time there was a song that had never been played It’s a song no one will sing along We’ve played it off the record And this song, as this riff does, already vanished away And this song would have been our best one But now it's lost Non-existent song... Non-existent song... Non-existent song... Once upon a time there was a song we cannot play today There was a riff in the depth of our guitarist's head I followed on my drum sets With mood, and intensity, and vision of the moment Then the bassline went and merged as fuck It won't be on our next album Non-existent song... Non-existent song... Non-existent song... That song without a chorus That song without a verse That song we’ll never play again And we never played before
You take you take you never give Your selfishness has no limits You take at will and shut the door And that’s a way for you To take your due to take even more I say you’re rotten to the core You seek to reach a higher floor But that’s away from you Your pretty face conceals a leech And your kindness, a toxic speech You fake your life for sympathy And it’s a weight for you To carry on in the long run Reputation is a burden Because your dignity’s long gone And that’s away from you Maybe one day someone will tear Away the thoughtful mask you wear You know the truth, it’s only fair No one will speak for you And then a million ears will hear And then a million eyes will see That you’re a tight-fisted phoney And it’s the end for you


released November 5, 2021


all rights reserved



FasterForward Québec City, Québec

Fast, melodic and energetic punk rock

Gee: Drums & Vocals
Simon: Guitar & Vocals,
Jean-Nick: Bass & Vocals.

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